Monday, November 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

text messages can be fatal...

.......ok not really but they can get you into a lot of trouble, probably not with the law but with friends and such. seeing how talking on the phone is pretty much overrated/ boring in today's times most people communicate through text messaging. being that i am an avid texter, i have often made the mistake of sending texts to the wrong person(s). this can be both an embarrassing and problematic. people often make the mistake of texting very private convos to friends and should those conversations be found can cause many problems. one way to eliminate this situation is to not put anything in a text that wouldn't want to share with anyone. sometimes things are better left said in person anyways.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

In The Alley

so it just so happens that the window in my dorm room face directly into the alley behind it. oh joy! i can hear everything from cat fights to miscellaneous people: from homeless to alcoholics, singing, laughing, and yelling. oh the bliss! i can hear the man who's garage is adjacent to my window, who me and my friend call Jerry because we don't particularly care what his real name is and Jerry seems to fit him anyways, cleaning out his garage earlier on a Sunday morning and continuously stepping on every little bubble in the bubble wrap. gotta love Jerry. and the thing that i absolutely love love love about the alley behind my room are the never quiet cats that lurk among it. el fin!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Confessions of a Teenage Grocery Store Employee

i absolutely despise this job but whoop whoop its almost over. there are many reasons why i absolutely loathe working at this particular store. let me count the ways:

i don't even know where to start. i'll just have to separate them into categories.hmm

a) OLD MEN: ugh ok. i absolutely despise nasty old men. Especially the ones who say "thank you sweetie/ cutie/ sweetheart/ honey/ baby." not only is it disturbing but it's also very unnerving. Please Stop!! big nasties. ohhh and one day this old dude even has the audacity to say " so what time should i be at our house?" i should have socked him in his old balls. that is unexceptable behavior. he should know better. and eww. i feel nauseous now.

   b) EVERYONE ON EBT: [disclaimer: i have nothing against anyone on welfare] now that that is said. i can not stand the fact that people on EBT always want at least....yes at least $200 cash back. thats ridiculous. how are you going to take the money that you're supposed to use to buy your kids food and do God knows what with it. money that you didn't earn yourself might i add. SMH

  c) MOTHERS WHO VERBALLY ABUSE THEIR CHILDREN: i understand scolding your child if there doing something wrong. but cursing out your child in public is just ludicrous. this is why children join gangs/ drop out of school/ end up on EBT and other negative things that black people who weren't raised in a good manner end up doin. ..maybe i'm being a bit dramatic but still.

2) MY MANAGERS: basically they all suck most of the time.except for one.he's cool peoples i guess. dont really have much to say about them..soo next

3)PUSHING CARTS: enough said. i hate that ish. only boys should be doing that. chivalry is def dead.

and there's other things  but that is all for now

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Used to Love Him...

Im not talking about some boy or about music. Nothing like that. Im talking about my father. I used to love him. Maybe i still do. I dont know. I dont know how to feel anymore. A part of me wants to hate him. For hurting my mother. For hurting my siblings. For hurting me. I question his actions everytime i think of him. I'll think i've out-grown him. But then he calls. I cry. I want to move on buts it like i take those 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.Dang. In my mind i'll believe i've forgiven. But how can i neglect that fact that he really hasnt been apart of my life since i was in the 7th grade? How can i negate the fact that he hasnt contributed to my life financially at all?How can i forget that he wants to know what im doing with my life when technically its none of his business? How can i admit the fact that im too afraid to say that to him? Why should i be afraid to hurt him when he's hurt me so bad? It shouldn't  be easier to talk back to mother who i believe is the most caring generous hard-working person i know. I don't want speak to him. I don't want to be "his daughter". I am my mother's child. But i have his last name. I dont know how to feel anymore.

"These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get Silly?....Really?

Ok so like i really dont get the whole concept of "getting silly" like wth... yes i've heard the song but to me its just a bunch of nonsense..gibberish if u will. Yet people stop what they're doin in order to lift both arms in the air and proceed to twirl i think not. Who or shall i say what is Soulja Boy and why must he continue to produce such degenerative music. ugh!..Why is that when a stupid song comes on but "it has a tight beat" people neglect to actually hear what ridiculousness the rapper is actually saying and carry on dancing/gyrating. Besides the repetitive chorus' and "hot" beat ..Whats beyond that you ask?..." I be wildin on a island somewhere just like gilligan
Drillin who like a who like a dentist at the den like villerann"...OMG how metaforical....i dont get I JUST DONT GET....sumone puuuh-lease help me understand why people dont make real music anymore....I swear the next time i hear "GET SILLY"...i'll that silly enough SOUlja?..hmmm